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                              Trailer Eyes TE-821 SmartLife solar camera app Installation

Please bring your camera and phone next to your router for the initial setup process. You will need a strong WiFi connection to your router for setting up the camera, and your router must have 2.4 GHz. Wifi connection for the initial setup, you may switch it back to 5 GHz. Later.

   1.Download the camera app, TUYA, to your phone. It is free with no monthly fee. Please setup your account with the app, and follow the instruction to confirm the account. It 
      will send you a confirmation code to your email.

   2.  Go to your phone settings, and find your WiFi settings. Select the 2.4 GHz connection.

   3.  Turn on the camera by pressing & holding the on/off button for 2 seconds. The camera will announce           

        “Wait for initial setup”. Do not wait, proceed to the next step.

   4.  Go to TuyaSmart app on your phone, click on “Add device” or the “+” symbol   on the right top conner of  

        the app page.

   5.  Scroll down the left section of the page, and click on “Others”.

   6.  Select “Others (WiFi) “ on the right section of the page.

   7.  Your 2.4 GHz router should appear on the page. If it is not the 2.4 GHz WiFi network,

        please click on the commanding button on the right, it will bring you to the WiFi setting page to switch

        the WiFi connection to 2.4 GHz. Then return to TUYA’s setup page. The 2.4 GHz. WiFi network name  

        should be there now. Please enter your router’s password. Click on “Next”. You may need to scroll up to

        see the “Next” button.

   8.  In the top right conner, change the EZ Mode to AP mode

   9.  Lower on the page, click “Confirm the indicator is blinking slowly”, then click on “Next” followed by “Go

        to Connect

 10.  A list of WiFi network names will appear, click on “SmartLife-xxxxxxx” WiFi network, then return to the

        setup page.

 11. The camera and the app will start to connect. Please wait till the camera says “Camera now is online”

         before using it.

 12. You should be able to see the “Security Camera” Icon on the app page, you may click on it and start to

         operate and familiar with your new camera.

 13. Mounting your camera within your router’s WiFi range. The WiFi connection strength indicator will be on  

        the screen. The camera needs WiFi strength 50% or more to function properly. For better and faster

        connection, we recommend changing the picture quality from “HD” to “SD” , Please test the WiFi strength

        before you mount the camera.

 14.  If the solar charging is not an option for your location, you may use a 110V USB AC adapter to power the

         camera. The USB power adapter is not included.

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