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TE-0115 Trailer Eyes Digital

Price: $349.00
Item Number: TE-0115

Trailer Eyes ®  Digital                               Model No.  TE-0115

                   An instant wireless monitoring system
                    for trailers , barns , pastures & more...

                   Split View Screen & Recording

* Two powerful outdoor booster antennas for guaranteed reception with a range up to 450 ft.
* Use it in trailers, barns, outbuildings, offices, pastures, or as a rear view camera behind your trailer. One set does it all.
* Color and weather proof outdoor camera with automatic infrared night vision
* Easy setup. No tools required. Just wire the power source from your trailer to your camera
* All parts included
* Power source can be a 9V battery, 12V trailer lighting system power, 12V cigarette lighter, vehicle emergency jumpstart battery pack, or 110-240V house power. All power source adapters are included, so you can use the system anywhere
* Can host up to four cameras

Digital advantage

*  Solid digital wireless connection, no interference and secured, range up to 450 ft.
*  7" monitor screen can be split into two or four sections to show up to 4 camera views at once
*  One-way audio capability.  The camera can send sounds to the monitor.  However, the monitor does not have the ability to send sound back to the camera.
*  Built-in SD card socket for recording
*  Three recording modes – manual, scheduled, or motion detection
*  HD resolution – 1280 x 720.
*  VGA resolution – 640 x 480 
*  Infrared Night Vision

 2-horse day tiome view        3-horse night vision 

                                                                   All parts are included

       TE-0115 parts

  1.  Outdoor booster antenna with magnetic clamping base and 16 ft. cable for monitor.  Part No. TE-0115-BANT
  2.  Windshield suction mounting bracket for monitor.  Part No. TE-0115-SUC
  3.  Outdoor booster antenna with magnetic clamping base and 16 ft. cable for camera.  Part No. TE-0115-BANT
  4.  Permanent mounting bracket for camera.  Part No. TE-0115-PMOUNT
  5.  Clamping bracket and battery case for camera.  Part No. TE-0115-CLAMP
  6.  Camera (with automatic infrared night vision, weatherproof, color)
  7.  Two 3 db gain antenna rods, 4&1/4” long.  Part No. TE-0115-ROD4
  8.  Two 7 db gain antenna rods, 11&1/4” long.  Part No. TE-0115-ROD7
  9.  Monitor, 7", 2.4 GHz. color, wireless.  Part No. TE-0115-MON
  10.  Desktop bracket for monitor.  Part No. TE-0115-DESKB
  11.  Cigarette lighter power adapter/regulator/switch for monitor.  Part No. TE-0115-REG-MON
  12.  110V/240V AC adapter for camera.  Part No. TE-0115-110V-CAM
  13.  110V/240V AC adapter for monitor. Part No. TE-0115-110V-MON
  14.  12V to 5V trailer power regulator / switch for camera.  Part No. TE-0115-REG-CAM
  15.   9V battery, Alkaline, non-rechargeable.  Part No. 9V-ALKA


              5 minute installation:

Setting up the camera in the trailer or in the barn

  1. Connect the booster antenna to the camera.
  2. Provide power to the camera, either through a 9V battery, or by hardwiring the 5V power regulator to trailer’s power source (additional installation time will be required) , or use the 110V power adapter in the barn.
  3. Use the clamping mounting bracket to mount the camera on the desired spot.
  4. Secure the booster antenna to the outside of the trailer or barn (the antenna has a clamping and magnetic base).

The camera is set!

Setting up the monitor in the truck or in the house

  1. Connect the booster antenna to the monitor.
  2. Use the windshield mounting bracket or desktop stand to secure the monitor.
  3. Plug the power cord into the car lighter jack or use 110V power adapter in the house.
  4. Secure the booster antenna to the outside of the vehicle or house (the antenna has a clamping and magnetic base).

The monitor is set!

After power is provided, wait 5 to 10 seconds to let the monitor and camera establish the wireless connection., once the observation object pop-up,

                           You are good to go!

  TE-0115 Night vision video clip -- 

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