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2WAY-4970Li , For Motorola CP150,CP200, PR400, EP450

Price: $37.95
Item Number: 2WAY-4970Li
A replacement battery for Motorola NTN4851, NNTN 4496, NNTN 4497. radio model number RADIUS CP100 , CP150, CP200, PR400 .

We have two battery models -A standard Ni-Cad battery-2WAY-4851, or a Lithium Ion battery - 2WAY-4970LI. Please check your charger. If you have a Tri-chemistry charger (It can charge Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh or Lithium Ion batteries) ,than you can use either one of these batteries. If you have a standard charger or a Lithium Ion battery charger only. Please stay with the same chemistry battery as your original one.

Lithium Ion battery, 7.2 V , 1800 mah. Dimensions at 4&3/4" L x 2&3/8" W x 1&1/2" H. The battery is brought to you by Battery Barn
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